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Events, Classes & Workshops

Usui Reiki Classes

Reiki 1 - $111

This class imparts everything you need in order to do hands-on healing. You are taught a complete self-treatment, a brief chakra-balancing technique and a full-body treatment to work with others. The history and principles of Reiki are discussed, as well as treatment of animals & plants  Manual and certificate provided.

Reiki 2 - $222

This level enables you to work outside of time and space (distance healing), and also provides symbols that deepen your connection to wellness and allow you to work with mental/emotional and addictive patterns. Attunement to the first level of Reiki is a prerequisite. Manual and certificate provided.

Reiki classes are offered in a group or one on one. 

Personalized just for you and your gifts. It's such an honor to help those that want to learn more about their gifts and how their gifts are part of the natural unfolding on the path to their empowerment and development for the spiritual and the physical worlds.

1- 2 hour session - $222

Group Psychic Development Beginner Class - $222

This class can be taken via skype, zoom or in person. You will learn to develop and release your intuition.  This will be easier than you think.  We all are born with this gift.  Now is the time for you to begin to use yours. This class is 2 hours.

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