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Sound Healing


"The thing to realize about the systems of the body is that they sing to one another. From the smallest cell to the largest organ, the systems of the body are wonderful, even magical, in the way that they work together in an interconnected synchronicity. Learn to listen to these vibrations and their signals." 


-- Vianna Stibal in ThetaHealing Diseases and Disorders


Vibrational Healing involves all of your senses...using color, sound, aromatherapy, massage therapy, Reiki. and more.  


Click on the links to listen Solfeggio Healing Frequencies.  These Frequencies correspond with our Chakras (energy centers) and higher.


396 HZ Frequency


417 HZ Frequency


528 HZ Frequency


639 HZ  Frequency


741 HZ Frequency


852 HZ Frequency


963 HZ Frequency


1122 HZ Frequency

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